OhGodACompany is back for business.

An optimized VBIOS can provide an edge over the competition; lower power consumption; lower cooling costs; and increase efficency over all, especially in older generations of cards.

Modifications are currently available for the following series:

RX 4xx and 5xx Series
R9 2xx Series
R5/R7/R9 3xx Series

Our Rates (Priced in USD):

Each VBIOS is guaranteed a minimum of 31 MH/s. Please note the maximum for any Polaris card is 34.5 MH/s (stable and consistent) due to the memory controller. 

Hynix Memory: 200 USD
Elpida/Micron Memory: 175 USD
Samsung Memory: 150 USD

Voltage Work

  • IR Compatible: 150 USD
  • NCP81022: 250 USD
  • RT8994a: 300 USD
  • uP9505: 300 USD

All work is payable in the following currencies: XMR, ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, and ZEC.

Other currencies may be accepted, on inquiry.


We also provide one-on-one tutoring:

Basic Strap Copy in PBE /w Explanation: 60 USD/hr

Basic Memory Copy in Hex /w Explanation: 90 USD/hr

Undervolting for Hawii, Tonga /w Explanation: 50 USD/hr

Undervolting for Tahiti/Curacaro /w Explanation: 40 USD/hr



All inquiries should be sent to:

IRC (Freenode): OhGodAGirl | Virosa

Discord: OhGodAGirl#8787 | OhGodAnAI#6184

Email: ohgodagirl@gmail.com | virosabios@gmail.com